Crystal – Free Project Files

These are the free projects files that were used to created the splash screen for Octane 2.xx.



This is not an example on a great Shader/Texturing/Lighting setup, but rather how quickly and inexpensive you can create this scene.


The whole scene uses basic shaders and I have removed any Plug-Ins except Octane, so if you have C4D, AE and Octane you are good to go.


Since I am still in college, the scene was created with my Cinema 4D Student Licence, you will receive a warning when opening it with a commercial license to not use them commercially.




Please also find the included compositing file, which is essential for the scene to work visually. The 3D Scene is divided in a forgeround and background layer.


The crystal model was made with Debrimaker V2, rendered seperately and then combined in post. I made a small camera animation/render which you can find here: